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    This is mainly about the BB10 file system and keeping a tidy house, best practices... But I also have a few questions which are about specific apps (Mega, Telegram and Voice Recorder Pro). Any answers, advice or pointers for further info will be really appreciated.

    I set Mega to use photo sync.

    When I take a picture, the photo automatically gets saved to my Camera folder. Mega then uploads it automatically to it's servers.

    In the BB file manager, the Camera folder path shows as Device/Camera.

    Looking around in the BB file manager, I found an Android folder at Device/Misc/Android. So here I am thinking this must be where my android apps store all there files. Indeed, I see my Telegram folder and a folder called MegaDownloads. All good. But here where things appear to get a little messy.

    Inside Device/misc/android/DCIM/ is another folder called Camera. This appears to be an alias of the Camera folder at the device root. If I delete a file from the camera folder at the device root, it also disappears from this camera folder inside misc/android/DCIM/camera.

    And here is a problem I think the Mega app. If I go to the photo sync settings, it shows my "photo folder" as /mnt/sdcard/DCIM. Ok... I can understand the /mnt/sdcard/ bit as simply being wrong because this is an android port. But why is it not /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/camera/ ? Why has the "camera" folder been omitted? It still works fine so is obviously able to locate the camera folder (or alias) within DCIM, but damn that's annoying. The path shown has precious little baring on reality.

    So that's my first issue.

    Secondly, I would like to know if it's safe to delete my photos from my BB's camera folder once they've been uploaded to Mega. It appears so but I understand there can be a delay sometimes. If someone can confirm this to me then it will also confirm to me that the mobile app is different to the desktop app, if I delete a file from my mega folder on the desktop app, it would sync with the cloud and remove that file from the cloud too. So I just want some certainty on this issue.

    In my device/downloads folder, I see a bunch of APK files. I assume these are basically my android apps. Can someone confirm that if I delete these files I would basically be deleting those apps from my device. Or are they like zip files that contain the app which is saved elsewhere once extracted. Is it safe to delete these files?

    Strangely I find an APK in my device/misc/android folder called "update-release-17.0001.apk" which takes me to the Amazon AppStore app on Blackberry World. Where it offers me an update, which does download if I click it. But it's already the latest version. Why is this APK file showing here? Shouldn't be in my downloads folder if it must remain in my files?

    I have an app called Voice Recorder Pro by Toysoft Developments Inc. instead of saving files to my device/voice folder, they get saved in device/documents/VoiceRecordings. I can't seem to Shane this in the app's settings. Is there anything I can do about this or is it something I would have to request of the devs?

    I have a folder called photos and a folder called videos at the root of my device. But any photos or videos I take with my device get saved to "camera". This seems silly. Shouldn't there be a camera folder in both the photos and videos folder where anything I take with my camera gets saved? Thoughts on best use welcome. Though I can't chose where camera photos and videos are automatically saved anyway it seems. And moving them might upset auto cloud sync such as with Mega. Thoughts appreciated.

    Finally Telegram, why is their a Telegram folder in my photos folder? And further, why does it contain an MP4 that won't play?
    08-18-15 08:39 PM

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