1. WGn199's Avatar
    Once I have encrypted my device what happens when I add files and apps, are they automatically encrypted as well?

    If not, is there anyway to encrypt only the new non-encrypted files instead of the whole device each time?
    10-07-14 10:55 PM
  2. GSM-S's Avatar
    When you turn on encryption, all new files will be encrypted automatically. I don't know if this is immediate or when the device is on standby with BlackBerry 10. However, on the previous BlackBerry OS devices (eg. Bold 9900, torch 9800, etc), files were encrypted when the phone was locked.


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    10-08-14 02:08 AM
  3. WGn199's Avatar
    Thanks GSM, so I understand correctly once I have encryption on, all new files will encrypt automatically?

    That's great news because encrypting the whole device every time would be a pain in a$$!

    Curve 8300 --> Bold 9900 --> Z10 --> Z30 --> Q10 --> Passport
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    10-08-14 04:06 AM
  4. daves_25's Avatar
    Yes, all existing files will be encrypted, and all new files will be automatically encrypted.

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    10-08-14 06:42 AM
  5. WGn199's Avatar
    Perfect' thanks!

    Curve 8300 --> BlackBerry 9300 --> Bold 9900 --> Z10 --> Z30(x3) --> Q10 --> Passport
    10-08-14 08:51 AM
  6. HotFix's Avatar
    Your storage is actually encrypted with all files and folders on it. From that point on new files and folders are being placed in an encrypted volume, so it is done "real time". This does in theory slow things down, but the processors on our devices are plenty fast and the device storage is flash RAM which is also fast.

    Keep in mind if you encrpt your SD card, the password for it is stored on your device only. If you reinstall (as opposed to an in-place upgrade) your device or try to switch devices, you will lose access to the data on the card.

    Posted via CB10 on my Z30STA100-5/
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    10-08-14 04:55 PM
  7. WGn199's Avatar
    Yes I read I must decrypt the SD card before doing a security wipe as well or it will be useless. Thanks for the heads up!

    Curve 8300 --> BlackBerry 9300 --> Bold 9900 --> Z10 --> Z30(x3) --> Q10 --> Passport
    10-08-14 11:08 PM

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