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    Hi all,

    Right so it seems im having a few issues with my Z10, seems to be after my OS update that these
    problems are arising. I have a Z10 which is unlocked ie sim free and have had it for about 2 weeks

    Anyhow my first issue is that i can no longer link my BBM contacts to my contacts ie my missus who
    is on my BBM is also in my contacts list so when i go to link her BBM contact to her contact in the contact
    list, it brings up her name and underneath her name it says Gmail. I have all my contacts synched through
    my gmail account. But if i manually add her BBM Pin to her contact and save it, it says next to her bbm pin,
    invite to chat over BBM I was under the impression after seeing the launch that it will auto populate
    any info for your contacts ie if you contacts is on BBM then it will auto populate.

    Anyhow ive tried deleting and re-adding my email account but to no avail so im tearing my hair out at
    the moment, trying to figure what the **** im doing wrong as originally when i got the phone. I could link a contact to my
    BBM contact if they were on there.

    My second issue is that i can no longer add any of my contacts to speed dial...i can delete them but
    i cannot add anyone to my speed dial anymore.

    So if anyone has any ideas on how to solve these issues then please let me know. I dont know whether
    wiping my Z10 and restoring my backup will help as it may bring back the issues. I have a few sideloaded
    apps on my device so again dont know if that has anything to do with my issues.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    03-11-13 08:33 AM
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    Update so before i wiped my phone, i had the latest update installed but have found that after rebooting after the wipe, its reverted back to the original shipping OS.

    Wouldnt have thought that it wouldnt have wiped back to the original OS that the phone shipped with???

    Anyhow am going to restore my data from the backup i made earlier this morning and see if my issues still persist. Hopefully not.
    03-11-13 09:50 AM
  3. Spawn12's Avatar
    Ok seeing as no one seems to be having these issues im having, i just restored my backup data from my z10 that i wiped. Everything seems to be working fine ie ive managed to link my BBM contacts to my phone contacts etc.

    Only issue i have now is that i can no longer add my contacts to my speed dial list, which is annoying to say the least. Ive looked online and even in the help section of the Z10 and cant figure out why my Z10 wont let me have more than 3 speed dials :/.

    So if anyone can figure out why that is happening id be grateful.

    Oh and yes my Z10 has gone back to the shipping version of the OS ie the update i did last weekend has been wiped and the old version of the OS has been put on. Wonder why it did that??
    03-11-13 10:35 AM
  4. Spawn12's Avatar
    Ok after spending most of the day trying to fix my issues that I was having with my z10, I finally managed to get it fixed. Must have had a brain fart as I couldn't figure out how to get more than 2 speed dials on my phone app...looks like u can't do it through the contacts app, which is what I was trying to do but didn't have any luck. So I figured that once u dial a contact, after u have hung up then you can add that person to your speed dial and that seems to work fine. Perhaps BlackBerry can add that into an update that u can add speed dial contacts via the contacts app.

    Originally I thought that by wiping my z10 it had reverted back to the original OS but it hadn't as I put in my voda sim and had an update which was 17mb in size and was for the radio and other improvements. The strange thing is that with the voda sim in my phone, it seemed to have lost the 4G option. My z10 is a sim free unlocked one and when I put my tmo UK sim in, I get that 4G option back. Interesting bit of info, perhaps it's because voda haven't started up their 4G network yet.

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    03-11-13 04:37 PM
  5. rjkolo's Avatar
    Sorry for all of your hardships with your phone but thank you for sharing your findings.
    03-11-13 04:48 PM
  6. Spawn12's Avatar
    Lol yep was pretty frustrating when I couldn't do what I wanted to do ie speed dials being added.

    So if my findings help anyone in the future, who are having the same problems then that's good enough for me.

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    03-11-13 04:53 PM

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