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    When I enter a left brace, it takes me two or three clicks for ( or [ {. It also takes me two or three clicks to add the ) ] } afterwards (which you can imagine made this sentence very frustrating to type out).

    But the keyboard should be smart enough to know I will need to close that brace soon. It should move the corresponding ) ] } key to the first page of the keyboard once I enter the left brace.

    I'll let engineers figure out where to put the key... but I suggest you make the enter key a dual use key. After left brace is entered, the enter key becomes the right brace until the bracket is closed (or long press for carriage return if user has an actual reason to line break after opening a bracket) . The keyboard could also drop the right brace from the first page after 200 key presses or after 1 minute if user had some reason to enter only the left brace without closing it.

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    08-01-14 06:26 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Never thought of this as an issue. Good idea.
    08-05-14 05:41 PM
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    Why 2 or 3 clicks? If you swipe down on the keyboard you should get the 2nd part of the keyboard where you have the ( symbol. The same when you want to close it. Yes it would be also great for the keyboard to anticipate that but I guess that you need to wait for Passport to arrive!
    Edit: ok, you need minimum 2 clicks... but at least the keyboard reverts to normal after you select the bracket...
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    08-05-14 06:31 PM

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