1. fschmeck's Avatar
    Where are temporary files stored on the phone during an OS update?

    I received notification for the 10.3.2 update which partially downloaded in the background onto my Q5. Then I received a message saying I needed an additional 480Mb. Figured I would use Link, which failed. And now it says I need 1 Gig of space. I can see I have less free space than before.

    Seems like there are temporary files leftover somewhere. Anyone know where these are and how they can be deleted? Is there another way besides a security wipe?
    07-22-15 07:40 AM
  2. Pdinos3's Avatar
    Try hard reset by holding down the volume keys for 30 seconds. If you have an stl100-1 hold the power button down

    Via CB10 Runnin PassportSQW100-1/
    07-22-15 08:11 AM
  3. fschmeck's Avatar
    Unfortunately nothing changed. I am sure I have lost about 700 megs since I started the update, but the device monitor doesn't show anything using up more than 100 or so megs.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 09:01 AM
  4. The_Passporter's Avatar
    You may have better luck poking around with ES File Explorer fome the Amazon store but be careful.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 04:53 PM

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