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    Hi. I'm a long term lurker and I know this is my first post, so please accept my apologizes. I understand I am going to sound crazy. What I'm exploring is, in fact, crazy. But, I wanted to share it anyway.

    Over the past couple months, I've had a small distraction in my free time. Having played with the ndk, I knew that QNX is very focused on portability. Portability in this case means leaning on the compiler to write code that can run on multiple architectures. I saw that ndk exhibits this because it can compile to either x86 or armv7. The upside to this, at least in theory, is all the platform specific bits should be concentrated in a few key areas. In fact, so far in my research, that appears to be the case. The platform specific userland code that I've found has been concentrated in libc.so. So I started writing a shim using an embedded libc to replace and translate libc.so calls with a version that is compiled for linux and would allow ndk programs to run, unmodified.

    So far, I have been able to get a simple ndk compiled app to load and run enough to print out an error on x86. It's just enough to be interesting. I do know however there's a lot more work to get a full bb10 app running on top of linux. The biggest hurdle still is emulating the message passing and the services on the other side of the message passing.

    I know this might sound exciting. You should not be exited. I really don't know what I'm expecting by sharing this, but I thought I would anyway. As I said, I know it's crazy, however it is interesting to write this shim for me.
    03-16-16 11:49 PM
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    I failed to see your point, bruh

    Posted via Passport Silver Edition ๏ฃฌ
    03-17-16 06:16 AM

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