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    Today I will told you mi friends error that i have and solve with this 3 parts os OS 10.
    when i upgrade the OS on my device
    Hey this started with a part backup file, from data files.not the complet backup.

    when i restore the security backup i lost all my notes.

    password keeper
    when restore i lost all the information inside the app

    duplicates all around after first send all my contacts to outlook, then reload to a legacy device for make sync between the contacts and gmail that was ok.

    After that i wipe my z10 and for the begining i only install password keeper.

    after thinking made some changes

    had to go to the first migration security backup when i start using my bb10 and left the Legacy device behind, luckily in that backup i can choose what to put on my new restore z10.

    after choosing what I need i restore and get it back my notes.

    password keeper
    after seeing that my legacy backup didnīt work i whet to my first z10 backup,in there i choose what to upload to my z10, I only reload the SETTINGS from that copy, i recover mi password keeper but lost all my notes in REMEMBER, at that point again i reload the notes from mi first migration copy only notes, but didnīt apper, but before getting nuts, i reboot my z10 an then i get passwork keeper ok and also remember.

    this is the more complex part, i have 95% all the contacts on local contacts, needing to get more freely with them first after making that changes from above and initiating from 0 my device and recovering remember and password kepper, I had to erase all sym contacts.

    after that i had sync it, gmail with the blackberry, and everyting when smooth, and start working.

    Recomendaitions, use for all your notes on blackberry 10, Evernote, i start passing all over and works great.
    for passwork keeper try to use keep your info save and with a SETTINGS in a perzonalizations backup that will make it a appear after all-
    contacts try to use one account that can help you sync and that will be all. remember no to use

    if anyone need help y will help you up
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    09-25-13 11:40 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up and solutions!
    09-26-13 12:51 PM
  3. Novaone's Avatar
    Wow man, this I am sure will help someone.

    crazy amount of work involved
    10-25-13 03:44 PM

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