1. briang33k's Avatar
    Hi, guys, i just got rid of my iphone and got a blackberry z30, upon adding my outlook.com calendar and contacts and email to it, I noticed that even thou all my time zones everywhere and on all devices say -6 saskatchewan my calendar appointments say that they were created in -10 hawaii time zone. This only happens if I create the time zone in outlook on my pc,mac or on outlook.com. I have my account time zone and my calendar time zone to saskatchewan. I also double checked my phone as well. I exported all my calendars to google and synced them to my phone to see if its a blackberry issue, but google calendars are all correct times and no warnings about time zones. Im very confused and not sure if I pay for a exchange account if this issue would disappear, but I do enjoy the free outlook.com just cant have wrong time zones when syncing. My playbook and ipad seem to display correct time zone for calenders made on outlook.com just the bb10 device, does anyone have a fix for this so I can use exchange instead of google.

    11-13-13 04:32 PM
  2. askzeke's Avatar
    I am from Sask and have no problems with the free outlook.com. I can create a calendar event on my pc, online or on my Z10 and they all sync with the correct time. Not sure what the problem could be

    Posted via CB10
    11-13-13 10:46 PM
  3. briang33k's Avatar
    its weird because the times look right until I open the appointment then it shows that it was created in -10 hawaii time zone, but is displayed in local time, it seems to work ok unless I edit the appointment then the times get all messed up. I talked with blackberry yesterday and I guess some people have had this problem and there is fix for it but it wont be released to my z30 until the carriers approve it. I don't know if that was just a excuses cause they didn't know the answer or if there is actually a fix, I am debating on trying a 10 dollar a month paid exchange account.
    11-14-13 06:20 PM
  4. bmorgan67's Avatar
    Don't pay for exchange, I do and I have the same problem and I gave up on trying to fix it a long time ago. Major pain in the ***.
    11-18-13 08:58 PM
  5. briang33k's Avatar
    I talked to blackberry on the phone by calling bell first and then they put me through to blackberry, apparently they have identified the problem and have fixed it in the next software release. They told me I would have to wait on it to release and my carrier to ota it to me. I hope the leaked version has this fixed but I need my phone stable and cant have leaks on it. A little disappointed with the exchange problem as it is the best way to do calendars and contacts and email between all my devices.
    11-18-13 09:41 PM

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