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    Just stumbled on this one; think this is really cool.

    I have to send lots of client emails from my phone. I run training classes several times a week and every 6 weeks have a new intake of clients. I have just sent my first email for November intake and as I'm typing the second date the keyboard has predicted the date for me based on previous emails.

    Rather than type I just had to keep pressing the next predicted input. Sounds simple but it predicted the correct dates and what times I train on those days.

    Just another reason I own the best phone in the world. It keeps me moving.

    From my Q5
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    10-04-13 10:07 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Now that's a cool feature. Thanks for posting, always great to find out new things BB10 can do!
    10-04-13 11:51 AM

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