1. Leyra B10's Avatar
    I can think of a few reasons why they left blackberry, but gone from appworld also? Could have been one of the best apps around. A software reload and its back I can login on the app..

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    08-11-17 09:14 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    They left BlackBerry and the app is no longer supported. Why leave it on BlackBerry World? Anyone who wants it, likely already has it anyway since it came pre-loaded. No point in leaving it on BlackBerry World.
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    08-11-17 09:27 PM
  3. Leyra B10's Avatar
    No point in leaving a lot of apps then. However if you deleted it at some point and wantedt it back you would have to reset your phone. Will that change if ever there is an OS update?

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    08-14-17 03:22 PM

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