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  1. whenever's Avatar
    Greetings Crackberry gang:

    I've been a little frustrated by the lack of comparison on detailed features between the 4 SmartPhone Ecosystems that make up MobileNations.

    Sure lots of reviews, each one picking on one point or another to praise or bash one system. But I want to know: how do I cut and paste in each system? How do I uninsert the autocorrected word my smartphone wrongly chose?

    Lets face it, all the smartphones do "The Job". The real question I have is, while doing "The Job", am I smiling or frowning at my smartphone?

    Being an independent technology contractor, I have to deal with all these Smartphones. So I set myself a project that I've dubbed "Smartphone Diaries". You can see the first two issues at my blog Glebenerd.

    I've acquired used phones from all 4 ecosystems: Blackberry, WindowsPhone, Android and iPhone. All phones run the latest OS and are full touch screen devices, even though my workhorse smartphone is a Q10.

    I plan to issue detailed comparison of these different phones. My focus will be on day to day use of mostly getting things done type of issues. Essentially things that I do.

    So come along with me on my journey


    I have just published my latest issue of "SmartPhone Diaries" . In this issue I examine the Launcher capabilities which I define as including: HomeScreen, App Switcher and App List.

    While I love my Blackberry, it does not do very well in this catagory. Sorry Blackberry fans but

    Enjoy, and before ranting, please read my reasons. My next blog will be on Messaging which will include Hub, notifications and BBM (Hopefully BBM on WP will come out soon). Blackberry will do very well in this catagory.


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    06-11-14 08:03 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Nice idea. Looking forward to it!
    06-11-14 08:14 AM
  3. jafrul's Avatar
    Cool.. that's something I'm looking forward to..
    Keep up the good informed work.

    Posted via my Astro Z30STA100-2/
    06-11-14 08:37 AM
  4. msilvaggio's Avatar
    Great idea. It would be nice to see the different OSs handle the same task...

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-14 08:51 AM