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    Came across this ad on a Gumtree like site here in Norway.
    FINN ? Encrypted BlackBerry PGP S/MIME
    You may be aware of it or you may not.
    Just found it interesting that the ad was posted the day after the Panama Papers, lol!

    Anyways, it provided me with some new information regarding extra encryption on Blackberry phones.
    Both Legacy and BB10 devices. Here's an outtake from the ad and probably Ennetcom's website:

    Ennetcom is the only company in the world that offers encrypted BlackBerry devices with 3 layers of encryption. In addition to the BES BlackBerry encryption and standard S/MIME support package, we have built a Mobile Encryption Gateway. This is a closed system. Users can only communicate to other Ennetcom S/MIME MEG BlackBerry devices, not to any other random BlackBerry device nor to other BlackBerry security platforms.

    We also provide a version that can communicate with other PGP devices. Standard encryption used on our PGP platform is RSA 4096 bits with AES 256.

    This solution is highly recommended for individuals active in the finance sector, lawyers, politicians and everyone else that cant risk to compromise there security while communicating.

    If anyone has any insights about this or know anything interesting about the topic.
    Let us know.
    04-05-16 01:21 PM
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    These have been around for awhile. They're essentially crippled devices which force you to rely on the provider's implementation of encryption.

    It's much easier, and more secure, for corporations and governments to use their own S/MIME or PGP certificates generated on their own using their own network credentials as opposed to relying on a single provider, after all if the company goes out of business then you're stuck with a paperweight.

    These are also part of the types of devices that Dutch authorities claim to have cracked several months back.

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    04-05-16 05:23 PM
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    Ah, okey. Thanks for the info!
    Very interesting.
    04-06-16 04:58 AM

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