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    02-01-16 05:14 PM
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    02-01-16 05:34 PM
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    Told you
    Nah, you said there would be a fact check. Not some off the cuff random clarification.
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    02-01-16 05:36 PM
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    But can we get them to tell us what 2017 holds for BB10?

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    02-01-16 06:04 PM
  5. kevwill6115's Avatar
    Does this mean the original statement is false, or that BlackBerry is trying to cover their butts?

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    02-01-16 07:48 PM
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    My new Passport Silver with the free accessory from shop blackberry will arrive at my home tomorrow, as long as I have a choice in what mobile platform to use I will be using BB10 . BlackBerry has said that they are committed to BB10 with updates and Android has not been secured by BlackBerry or anyone else.
    02-01-16 08:02 PM
  7. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Does this mean the original statement is false, or that BlackBerry is trying to cover their butts?
    Nothing in this statement contradicts anything in the original one - but this new one makes BB10 folks feel better, and gives them some faint hope to help encourage them to buy some of the remaining BB10 inventory. BB doesn't want to have to firesale too many phones.

    Note that the second statement says absolutely nothing about anything beyond 2016, while the first one clearly discusses that future. If the first statement was outright wrong, they'd have corrected the mistake in the second statement, but they didn't'...
    02-01-16 09:09 PM
  8. Alberto8's Avatar
    What a shame. android is such a mess. Ios is for kids. I am so productive with bb10.

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    02-01-16 09:20 PM
  9. Davis Rayler's Avatar
    I spoke to someone today who knows someone that works there, and he said the Priv may straight up be the last phone they make.

    Despite the rumours of the Vienna, they may just kill of all projects.

    Posted via -sigh- Priv. Guess we have to get used to Android guys....
    Well, if I am buying another BB it needs to be the Vienna, cause it looks beautiful with a very nice keyboard! Passport can be only beaten for that phone (if its a high end phone of course)... but if it doesn't happen,.. then ill have to buy one more passport to use it for a very very long time xD
    02-01-16 09:29 PM
  10. krazyatom's Avatar
    RIP Blackberry 10OS. I may pick up Blackberry again if they create a small device like Q10, Classic with high end cpu.
    02-01-16 09:48 PM
  11. ikalinin's Avatar
    BlackBerry hasnt updated a single app in months. Their Facebook app still cant display replies to comments.
    Even developers arent too excited to push apps. Many are stuck in the 2013 release date versions. We can all be in denial, but BlackBerry needs to make money in order to exist, and unfortunately, that means joining android. Now, lets hope BlackBerry continues to push their expertise, and blow the competition away!

    Posted via CB10 on the Classic
    02-01-16 09:53 PM
  12. jpvj's Avatar
    BlackBerry was really arrogant when the had BB OS. They "knew" what the customers wanted: Productivity and Security.
    Wrong. Users wanted mobility with LOTS of options.

    BB 10 was way too late and BlackBerry firmly believed that there was room for up to 5 mobile operating systems in the market.
    Time has proved them (and others) to be wrong.

    Android is being used in all price ranges and a lot of freedom.
    iOS in expensive, very well built devices, easy to use and much controlled by Apple.

    BB10 has largely been surviving due to the Android player and Snap. Originally the Android Player was meant as a temporary step-stone for developers to bring their Android apps to BB10 (before of course writing a native application). Later BB found out that very few serious apps were brought to BB10 and opened up for installing Android apps from other sources.

    Microsoft has IMHO a much better offering with Windows mobile 10: Same development for all physical platforms (PCs, Tablets, Mobile devices etc.). They also seem to fail.

    Except from a few high-security focused customers keeping stuff in-house (not a bad idea if you a concerned about privacy and security IMHO) the cloud is going to be the de-facto for *AAS solution. Security is hard to test and validate, but hey - it's cheaper and we just don't worry about it!

    BlackBerry really does not fit well into that kind of business.

    BlackBerry might have something to offer Google with regards to enterprise security in Android, but there is a looooong way from Android in it's current form to "Secure and private".
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    02-02-16 03:30 AM
  13. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Why not...something wrong with wondering? I can see you have already figured out what Google is up to, good for you.

    Posted via CB10
    The article talked about "going vertical", similar to what Apple does. Do their own hardware designs and they just pay some manufacture to build their Nexus line of phones.

    As BlackBerry isn't setup as a manufacture anymore, it just doesn't make sense to think that they would even be a consideration.
    02-02-16 07:36 AM
  14. br14's Avatar
    Maybe BlackBerry backing away from BB10 wouldn't be such a bad thing.

    If BlackBerry open sourced BB10 perhaps some smart entrepreneur might just adopt the platform for a new smartphone. Or maybe Apple would adopt it and claim to have invented a new paradigm for mobile.

    Having used iOS, Android and BB10, there simply is no comparison in usability. I absolutely hate iOS and Android compared to BB10. It's like walking in concrete shoes using either OS.
    02-02-16 07:40 AM
  15. blee4's Avatar
    Google is just using Blackberry to get more government agencies on board and once there's enough traction they'll take over. There isn't anything Blackberry is doing as a company that Google can't do. Google doesn't need BES which isn't even a full fledged mail server it's just an add-on. The only thing Google needs/wants from Blackberry is to move as many government agencies off BBOS 10 to Android via the Priv as possible.
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    02-02-16 08:09 AM
  16. RalphEllis's Avatar
    You are quite correct. The big question is whether Blackberry can get an Android phone to pass the highest government and regulated industry security certifications. BB10 will stay around as long as Blackberry needs it for this purpose. The best case scenario is that Blackberry takes BB10 and puts it on whatever it's most successful Android phone is so the hardware is not too outdated. The Passport will do for another year or so after which Blackberry will have to decide to update it or put BB10 on the Priv or a Vienna phone. I think that it is only a matter of time until a heavily modified Android can be secured. A hardened kernel will solve most of the problems along with Grsecurity MAC restrictions on the apps. Apps will be the hardest to control since they try to grab all the permissions that they can get. Many may not run on a secure Android phone because of this.
    02-02-16 09:35 AM
  17. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Unfortunately, no one is really surprised or should be. IMO.
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    02-02-16 09:57 AM
  18. anon(9607753)'s Avatar
    The article talked about "going vertical", similar to what Apple does. Do their own hardware designs and they just pay some manufacture to build their Nexus line of phones.

    As BlackBerry isn't setup as a manufacture anymore, it just doesn't make sense to think that they would even be a consideration.
    OK. So who manufactures Priv....Santa?

    Posted via CB10
    02-02-16 10:56 AM
  19. roadblochd's Avatar

    If this is true, my Classic will be the last BlackBerry I get. If this is true, you've blown it BlackBerry.
    02-02-16 11:12 AM
  20. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    OK. So who manufactures Priv....Santa?

    Posted via CB10
    It's built by Wistron.... I guess you weren't aware of the manufacturing partnerships that BlackBerry has made with Chen in charge. They have sold most all of their own facilities.... I think the only current BlackBerry that were actually made by BlackBerry were some Gold Passports that really were reworked Passports.

    BlackBerry is just a reseller of products built by others. They have even talked of unloaded the design work to others - like they did with the PlayBook.
    02-02-16 11:19 AM
  21. cbvinh's Avatar
    BlackBerry hasnt updated a single app in months.
    If this was the only basis for your argument, you'd be wrong. BBM and BlackBerry Help were recently updated.
    02-02-16 11:32 AM
  22. LinoToma's Avatar
    Incompetent are those who have decided to close the system OS10..!!! Incompetent!!!
    02-02-16 01:22 PM
  23. Fret Madden's Avatar
    Closed for review.
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    02-02-16 02:36 PM
  24. Fret Madden's Avatar
    Reopened. Let's keep it on topic without taking shots at other members. Thanks!
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    02-02-16 02:49 PM
  25. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    And another exec.... NARENDRA NAYAK, Managing Director, BlackBerry India

    Said this today in an interview with The Hindu

    What happens to the BB10 platform as you move towards Android?

    We are committed to both BlackBerry operating system and Android.

    A few days ago we launched an update to BB10. There will be ongoing launches for BB10 versions and phones.
    Really no way to know what is going on.... as not everyone at BlackBerry is on the same page.

    Of course I don't know... have all existing BB10 devices officially launched in India?
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    02-02-16 03:43 PM
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