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    unfort., I had some massive issues with my Q10. At the shop of my carrier, I've been advised to do a reset of the phone and performed this via BB link software. Of course I did a full backup of the device before. What I only got to know afterwards (as there is unfortunately no alert message when perfoming a device reset via BB link ( ), that I'm not able any more to access the files that had been stored on my encrypetd SD card So after some "research" I understood, that not the device password is used for decrypting these files, but a key, that is stored on the device - correct? Now my question: is this key part of the full backup that I did before the reset of the phone or is this not the case? Is there any chance to restore the data when having a "full backup" of the phone?

    If not, the data is really really lost? Does it make any sense to spend to hundreds of bucks for a professional data recovery company (i've spoken to one and they told me >90% chance to restore if I still have my device password (what I of course do)...Is this just "sales" or would is there a real chance of restoring the files in this combination we have here?

    02-03-15 05:52 AM
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    When you encrypted the SD card you were advised that the contents would NOT be accessible after a device wipe or reset. It also goes on to tell you to make sure you unencrypt the SD before proceeding. Says it clearly right on the screen before processing. The encryption key is NOT stored in the backup. Might as well format your SD card and continue from there.
    02-03-15 07:27 AM
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    I don't think that the recovery company will be able to restore your data. It is not encrypted by your password unfortunately...

    Maybe NSA will help you with that encryption? I think that's your only hope...

    Posted via CB10
    02-03-15 09:40 AM

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