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    Hi all.

    Firstly, loving my Z30..

    I do have a question / concern about email sync within an exchange account.
    I'm using Outlook 2010, with a hosted exchange (Intermedia.com). On my handest I have my email address set up as an exchange. All email is working, no issues there. But if I delete a mail on my handset, Outlook is not updating and its the same the other way around. Here is what I've tried so far:

    1. I run outlook in cached mode. So I put it into non cached mode and the result was, If I delete an email in outlook, it seems to push this to my phone pretty quickly. If i delete on my phone nothing happens until i hit the refresh button.

    2. In cached mode on outlook. It's the same result.

    3. I've put outlook into safe startup, removing all add-ins. Ran the same test, nothing changed

    4. I've amended the sync interval in outlook, again, no change.

    So to sum up my issue.
    It seems my phone is not real time (or as near as possible to real tome) synconising. The only way I can ensure a sync works and emails are sync'd correctly is to do a refresh on the z30..

    Is this correct?

    Is there anyway to tell the z30 to sync once an email is deleted, read, moved etc?

    10-25-13 03:10 PM
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    10-26-13 01:37 AM

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