1. sfcramsey's Avatar
    I have searched the forums and can not seem to locate an answer to my wife's question or complaint would probably be more accurate. She gets a ton of email as in 500 plus a day yes I know that seems impossible but she does. She is a Data Base Manager dealing with corporate law suits at the highest levels for some of the largest company's in the world. She loves the search function on BB1,0 but complains great I have found the emails but I can not do a select all and delete or move them to a folder. yes she can select them one at a time but when you have as much email as she does that is not practical. Managing projects by email is the wrong answer, but they are where they are and for the time being that is how her company is functioning. Sorry for the back ground, but I felt it was needed to explain the big picture. Her company as of yesterday moved to the Motorola Maxx X8 kind of funny as most of the VP's are carrying a Z10 0r Q10 along with my wife for there personal phone. Back to her question is there a solution for mass selection with executable commands?
    10-16-13 10:43 AM
  2. Stwutter's Avatar
    If you tap and hold the date at the top (or any date previous), and menu appears on the right. It give you the options to mark all read/unread, but there is also a trash-can at the bottom. Hitting this will delete everything prior (you will be asked to confirm this).

    So far as selecting all or some, and moving to specific folders, I think this can only be done one by one.
    10-16-13 11:00 AM
  3. sfcramsey's Avatar
    works only on the top level, looking for options after you complete your search, Basically she finds all messages dealing with XYZ and needs to move them or delete them to remove clutter from the top level. Remember the amount of email she has, they solve internal email by assigning rules to incoming email; example she never misses email from a VP or the CEO as they have there own sub-inbox as projects grow they too get there own folders and what not but needless to say no matter how great the search function is, it is useless for power users if they can not do anything with it.
    10-16-13 12:08 PM

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