11-18-15 01:32 PM
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  1. agevij's Avatar
    I have had this issue for some time. I have 3 email accounts, Yahoo, Work and Private. I can receive the emails, but I cannot send.

    The Yahoo account always works and have not really had a problem with it.

    The Work account works on 4G and the wifi at the office but will not work at home and many other wifi accounts... really painful when traveling as I turn data services off to avoid excess charges.

    The Private account will not work anywhere except for the Home wifi.

    I believe it has something to do with the SMTP settings. Any suggestions?
    04-26-14 09:17 PM
  2. chaihg's Avatar
    For anybody looking for how to make emails work on wifi or on mobile data, the key is SMTP server setting. For gmail you will need to change SMTP from default 25 port on SSL to 487 with TLS. THis will work everywhere.
    Just thought I will put this down for someone arriving here by search engines
    01-06-15 09:11 AM
  3. oachmando's Avatar
    So - I would have to change the settings on the router itself? I'm on my work wifi signal. I just switched from a blackberry bold to a classic. No problem getting and sending gmail on bold. Now that i've switched, with work wifi on, can't get gmail. The second I turn wifi off, all the emails sitting in my outbox send. Annoying since I can't save data by using my work wifi , and I could before on my bold. Any other work around?
    11-18-15 01:32 PM
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