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    Headless Headway on Headless Apps

    First, way back when...(well it wasn't THAT long ago...) headless apps were originally stated to be something coming in 10.1. I honestly don't remember if that was word from BlackBerry or a rumor...but if my memory serves me correctly it wasn't just a random speculation. There was some reason to believe it was coming sooner rather than later...

    Now fast forward to today, and we were promised headless apps for 10.2. Now it is said that they won't be officially supported (aka you pretty much won't see them) until 10.2.1. O'Delay...and I'm not talking about the awesome Beck album!

    Then there was the Shao guy. Remember him? He devoted so much of his time developing for BlackBerry 10 and while he definitely started off with several positive things to say, he gave BlackBerry tough love on where they lacked in terms of developer support. One thing he mentioned was how he felt that the B4BB program wasn't sufficient. More relevant here, he also stated that headless app support was rediculous. Now...the key question is as follows: Is BlackBerry delaying (or postponing if you wish to be an apologist) headless app support going to possibly result in them improving some of the very valid-sounding issues Shao brought up? Could this be part of the reason for the delay? Or, worst case scenario, are we all waiting even longer for something Shao seemed to think was quite worthless and convoluted anyway? If the latter is the case, I am disappoint.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts...

    -STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US
    11-02-13 04:57 PM
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    That's one of the things that killed Blackberry. They promise things then they don't deliver. Until the current CEO and BOD of directors are canned, things will never improve. They need to clean house and put in a team that will be realistic, and if they know that a new product or app etc. is doable, then announce it and set a dead line and get it done!
    11-02-13 05:22 PM

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