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    Many have had the issue where an sms will be sent as an MMS and the recipient will receive a duplicated message every time after this occurs. You receive the message "This conversation will be in MMS mode".

    The way to fix that is to "clear the chat" and "end the conversation " by then deleting it (2 steps). You will be able to send individual messages again. The error can return, though. Settings have no effects. (I'm using a Q10 verizon is slower on updates, and I have no leaks. Is this happening in the 10.2?)

    I learned something new:

    There are contacts/numbers outside of the contacts app. Sending an SMS or MMS can find these 'hidden' contacts.

    Duplicated messages are not due to linked contacts in the Contact app. (this error also happened with an individual that had no links at all.)
    Manking SMS drafts seems to have some connection to the duplication error. But not always.

    Hopefully this info can help devs.

    Duplicated messages:

    Attachment 223723

    You can see the sms messages I sent, and when I click on who's in the message.

    Duplicated SMS sent as MMS -2 participants same contact-img_00000413.png

    When I click on my friend, a his contact card comes up.
    When I click on the blank contact it behaves as if I'm adding a new contact.

    Duplicated SMS sent as MMS -2 participants same contact-img_00000414.png
    I added a new contact with no name, but added the blue picture.

    Next, I went back and clicked the left contact and it was still blank and asked me to add that person.
    This time, I added it to my friend's (without linking) directly as a work number.

    Duplicated SMS sent as MMS -2 participants same contact-img_00000415.png

    Duplicated SMS sent as MMS -2 participants same contact-img_00000417.png
    He now has work and mobile. The same number. (the other is email). The MMS is still showing a blank person on the left.

    I tried adding the left participant with my friend's first name as a new contact. Still had the left participant blank.

    Now for the weird.

    Duplicated SMS sent as MMS -2 participants same contact-img_00000418.png
    I tried to make a txt message. Remember, there is 1 my friend's original mobile, 1A his work (mobile added directly onto the same contact through the participant), 2 a new contact (using left participant) with his first name only, 3 a contact using only his # but without a name (also created from the blank left participant). Yet, you can see a black and white photo!?
    That was a contact that I unlinked previously it had an email from Facebook. After unlinking it, it vanished and I didn't get to delete it. (a separate issue I won't get into.)

    The above photo has me Composing an Text Message from the HUB. 1, 1A, and 2 appear as options. His unlinked email appears. It is not in my Contacs app.

    Now I will type his number into the Compose:

    1,1A, 2, and 3 appear when I type the first 6 numbers (mind you, they all have this number). (naturally, the unlinked email does not appear). If I type 7 numbers, only 3 appears. Type 8 numbers 1,1A,2, and 3 return; and they remain with 9 or 10 numbers typed.

    Using the Contacts app, typing his name only brings up 2 contacts: His original 1 with 1A, naturally, and 2.

    Typing his number reveals 3 contacts: 1 with 1A, naturally ; 2, and 3.

    Typing the email never address (with the black and white photo) in the contact app does not reveal it. (the one I unlinked). It only appears in the Compose.

    Duplicated SMS sent as MMS -2 participants same contact-img_00000419.png
    Experiment : If I use the search option, the black and white photo (the unlinked) appears as a contact.

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    Thanks for sharing!
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