1. jeffawa's Avatar
    I have the situation that on by Z10 and Z30 (I am using latest 10.2) when I send an email from my device from a email account that is NOT the default email account I get duplicate sent messages (one from each of the sent folders - non default and default accounts). Why is BB10 using my default email account to send a copy of a non default account message? Any settings I need to adjust on my accounts to avoid this?
    05-02-14 08:13 AM
  2. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    You probably have your email account configured incorrectly. I never get duplicate emails sent from either my BlackBerry Z10 or Q5.
    05-02-14 08:23 AM
  3. djseishin's Avatar
    Did you ever get a resolution? I'm having a similar issue. When I forward emails from my primary account, it sends two copies. I also noticed that if there is an attachment, only one copy of the email will have the attachment.

    Posted via CB10
    06-10-15 10:46 PM

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