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    With how Blackberry and Amazon have been playing so well together I feel like I would love to see the the Firefly technology, from Amazon's Fire Phone, integrated into BB10.

    With its ability to identify printed texts, music, movies, art and foreign language translation I really think it would open up a world of possibilities.

    Think of the ability to turn a business card into a contact immediately or from a letter signature/letterhead?

    How about translating signs, menus, etc when you are visiting an authentic foreign food rester aunt? You're at a business meeting in an authentic Chinese rester aunt and no one at the table is sure of what a dish is. You point your phone at it and it translates the dish name and possibly shows you ingredients or whatever.

    You're out with friends and someone asks you if you know the song's artist or you catch the tail end of a commercial for a movie and want to know the name of it.

    Even integrating some features of it into assistant would be a nice trick. The ability to ask it context on a line of text, ask it to look up information about a song that's playing, etc.

    I would love to see this as a core feature of a future release.

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    02-15-15 11:38 PM

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