1. Vaibhav Pawar's Avatar
    Can anyone suggest me how to download mp3 from youtube or from browser. Do we need to download any app from BlackBerry world.

    Posted via CB10
    02-14-14 11:56 AM
  2. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    It depends. If it's legal, then you would need an app.
    02-14-14 11:59 AM
  3. Vaibhav Pawar's Avatar
    Can you suggest me app?

    Posted via CB10
    02-14-14 12:01 PM
  4. cartoon2007's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    02-14-14 01:02 PM
  5. sklotz2000's Avatar
    02-14-14 01:12 PM
  6. PeterUsyer's Avatar
    I can provide a way to you, you can download youtube videos(this is easy) and then you can use some video converters to convert youtube to mp3 like Adoreshare Video to iMovie Converter (or some others), just a way, you can try
    10-19-14 11:03 PM
  7. Qaddafi's Avatar
    Copy the URL from the YouTube video and then paste in a "YouTube to mp3" website. I've done it before and it wasn't difficult, especially with such a good web browser that BlackBerry provides.
    10-20-14 02:42 AM
  8. tottenhamhotspurfan's Avatar
    Search for YouTube to mp3. flvto (I think it is) is one I have used before.

    I've used this on my pc, I assume it would work in your BlackBerry browser. Just copy the YouTube videos address and paste it, then Covert. Once it's converted, you can download it
    10-20-14 02:51 PM
  9. Radu BARAC's Avatar
    10-20-14 04:59 PM
  10. Levi_Asaiah's Avatar
    I've tried many sites and this is my fave. It defaults to the mobile version on My Z10 but you can also click to use the desktop version, which runs without difficulty without even needing to activate desktop mode. The desktop version also allows you to edit the duration, quality and file format of the video being converted. Id3 tag edit supported as well, useful when stripping the video for the mp3
    Downloading mp3 from youtube?-img_20141025_185919.png

    10-25-14 06:03 PM

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