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    One of the major downsides of Android is that (like Windows computers) it grows slow over time, esp. as you install new apps. Obviously part of the reason is that the apps themselves use up RAM and CPU time as they run in the background, but the main culprit is changes they make on a very low level (on Windows, registry edits are a huge one, as well as running on startup, which fortunately doesn't apply as much to phones).

    One of my big hesitancies about installing Android apps on my Passport SE is that similar things will happen. For the techies that know what's going on way behind-the-scenes in BlackBerry 10, a few questions:
    a) If I install 100 Android apps from their .apk files in an hour, and immediately uninstall all 100 in another hour, is my phone now any slower for the wear? Will a performance test run before they were installed come up with exactly the same result as after?
    b) Does installing Android apps (and leaving them installed) disproportionate slow down my phone when I'm doing something else (i.e. not using those apps)? If I install 5 BB10 apps, or 5 Android apps, will there be a difference in how quickly the phone is running?

    My big concern is a), since I just bought a new Passport SE and I won't install a single Android app if it means having a permanently slower phone, esp. if I'm not sure I want to keep it on there, but b) would be helpful to know, too.

    06-22-16 08:24 PM
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    Nothing is permanent. If you erase it, your performance won't suffer.

    Android has processes and services that take up memory (but not CPU clock cycles) even when they are not running, so you will find that performance can suffer with a lot of Android apps installed as system memory dips below 600MB. Although the 3GB memory of the Passport makes that harder to do. A reboot clears out some of that memory usage.

    My general philosophy is to install no more Android apps than you need. But don't be afraid of them.
    06-22-16 08:40 PM
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    I have 25 android apps on my Z30. No slowing down, no getting warm (except when I use the phone of course) and I do have the fine battery life.

    Posted from my Z30
    06-23-16 01:56 AM
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    I would like to point you to a thread that I discussed this a bit and posted some pictures, unfortunately some comments were removed for whatever reason.


    You want to enjoy some Android apps also you may want to go into your Android Settings which I believe you should have if you've installed Cobalt's Google Play Store solution and the sign in for Google Maps. In there you can go into app list and force stop any Android app that may be running in the background ducking resources. It does work very well but you will have to do it every time you open the offending Android app. And how would you know which app is an offender? You can use "Taskmanager". It will show you which apps are running and let you close them but using this app to close is not effective, you have to go into Android Settings/Apps/Force Stop.
    Does BB10 grow slow over time with Android apps, like Android itself does?-img_20160623_020649.png

    Hope this helps

    Posted via CB10
    06-23-16 02:09 AM

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