1. Raging123's Avatar
    I have been trying to use my BB10 phones in a PC monitor that has the ability to rotate 90 degrees. My reason is to see my BB10 on the monitor the way I see it on my phone. Using all the monitors screen. I do not want to switch my BB10 to landscape mode because I loose the look and feel I am used too.

    My Attempts...

    When using a PC I can get the Monitor (rotated 90 degrees) to display the PC in Portrait. Its simple right? You go to Control Panel / Adjust Screen Resolution / Orientation / Landscape.
    My monitor shows all information in Landscape mode.

    I have connected my BB10 devices to the Monitor through a mini HTMI and ... yes can get it to display on my PC monitor BUT the device displays in the wrong orientation (Sideways on the screen).

    I have tried multiple new PC Monitors
    Setting it up in Windows and switching over to the BB10 device.
    Settings on the monitors themselves....
    No luck

    Does anyone have a solution or and App that will do this?

    The App would work the same way as the features in the PC I assume.
    03-06-14 02:14 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    I dont think you can do this for all apps. Some will work though like when you play a movie and such but for the most part its a no go
    03-08-14 05:42 AM
  3. Raging123's Avatar
    My intent is not to do it for any App but for the BB Phone. I would like to have my Z30 or Z10 set up so I can plug it into (mini HTMI) a Monitor (on a 90 degree) in Portrait so the monitor has more height than length. Have a Bluetooth key pad and use my device like I use my PC.

    The only issue is establishing a connection to the Monitor that will flip the htmi input by 90 degrees. As mentioned above, its simple to do when a PC is connected to the Monitor. Just need the same features in the BB that is in a PC.

    Anyone have any Ideas?
    03-13-14 03:31 PM

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