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    Is there any way to disable the automatic search suggestions/list when typing in the browser? Sometimes I like to search for a name or a title from the browser pages, say a suggestion in a forum. Copying and pasting would take to long, typing is always faster. But search suggestions block the screen...and I see there is a disable search suggestions toggle, but I don't know what it does.

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    No, You can't get rid of the search suggestions screen when typing. The toggle that turns search suggestions off in Browser Settings > Display and Actions disables the search engine results when typing, and you will have only history and bookmark results.

    Disable Browser Search Suggestions?-img_20141114_222737.png

    Anyway, while you can't turn off the search suggestions, you can long press the text that you would like to search for and press the magnifying glass icon. The text you selected will then be searched in the default search engine in a new tab.

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