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    I am using BlackBerry z10 and I want to know the difference between security wipe and OS reload.

    What happens when we do security wipe and how is it different from OS reload.

    For security wipe, does the device store a copy of the OS within?

    I see that a few applications that I removed like the default Dropbox, Box, etc all appear installed when I do a security wipe.

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    06-10-14 01:22 AM
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    When you perform a wipe on a BlackBerry 10 phone, all data on the phone itself will be deleted. This includes data, files and apps.
    It usually not necessary to do a wipe unless, you're having continued problems from one OS update to another.
    Another reason to do a wipe is obviously to clear all the data before you trade in your device,etc.

    When you do an update and are ready to RELOAD your backup... DO NOT reload "SETTING." U
    nlike the old "Desktop Manager" where you could choose what to reinstall,
    "Link" hasn't quite caught up yet, so not only are you restoring settings for apps, etc... you're also restoring your older SYSTEM FILES. to a newer OS. That'll cause problems every time.
    Only restore Media files and Contacts/ Calender files.

    You'll get replies that will tell you different but I've been helping people with issues for about 7 years and in all that time, with all the different BlackBerry Devices I've owned.. I've installed every single Leak and NEVER had any issues with any of them on any of my devices.

    I'm running the latest 10.3 on my z10 and other than the few apps that we know don't run, the OS is stable enough as a daily driver and works fine... if you follow the directions and install it correctly!!
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    06-10-14 01:46 AM

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