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    While I was in an AT&T store in Montgomery, Alabama (more specifically the one located in the Shops at East Chase) earlier today - replacing the SIM card in an insurance replacement for a failed Samsung Galaxy Note - the sales associate who attended to our needs informed me that Apple had played a significant role in the development of the new BlackBerry 10 phones. He told me this after I asked to see the BlackBerry Q10. Right now I am wondering why he told me this.

    I have never heard this before so I am also wondering why I have never heard this before if it is, in fact, true. So. Could someone please enlighten me as to whether this is true or false.

    Thanks in advance.


    P. S. I have the BlackBerry Z10 right now and I am not thinking of changing to anything else other than a BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical keyboard.
    08-03-13 09:29 PM
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    Not that I know of.. Samsung did though, lol. Samsung plays a part in every smartphone made. Sounds like your AT&T guy was just looking for an in to talk about Apple and hopefully sell you on a Apple device.

    Realistically though, Apple also plays a part in every smartphone.. WebKit is for all intents and purposes, their project. AT&T dude was just being a little too liberal with comments. Technically speaking, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, BlackBerry, Google.. all play a part in just about EVERY smartphone made.

    They all own patents to mobile devices, mobile networks and mobile components. You'd be hard pressed to find a device with ZERO parts from a competing company in any device.

    So in short, sure.. Apple played a part in bringing BlackBerry 10 to market but only by way of business.
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    08-03-13 09:33 PM
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    Must have. It does have rounded corners.

    Posted via CB10
    08-03-13 09:35 PM
  4. thurask's Avatar
    Must have. It does have rounded corners.

    Posted via CB10
    It's a miracle that Apple's patent lawyers haven't descended upon BBRY like vultures for daring to design a phone with round corners.
    08-03-13 10:06 PM
  5. tediprude's Avatar
    Thanks Bla1ze. I was thinking the same thing, but at the time I just wasn't interested in engaging in a sparring match about the pros of non-iPhone ownership. Smiles!

    08-05-13 02:47 PM

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