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    Using Device Switch to transfer SMS messages from Q10 to Passport, using wifi direct between devices and it's been transferring for about 16 hours now. That seems like an inordinate amount of time, considering I wouldn't consider myself a heavy SMS user. Transferring all of the other content took only a few hours. I tried searching the forum but "device switch" is too common a phrase I think, relating to other concepts. Anyone else experience something similar?
    Thanks in advance for comments and ideas.

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    12-28-14 06:06 PM
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    You should probably cancel... nothing should take 16 hours. Maybe try again?

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    12-28-14 06:28 PM
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    Thanks, that's what I was thinking also. This is at least my third try, kept hanging on the SMS transfer when I did the other transfers. I eventually transferred everything but SMS and then started it last night with only SMS to transfer and let it run all night, but it still didn't complete. No errors came up, used wifi direct, just kept the phones close together, like within 2'. I took a peek at the data transfer, and there wasn't much happening, so aborted again. Looking into other options, I don't see many. Doesn't look like Link or media card transfer are available according to these:
    About switching to a new device - User Guide - BlackBerry Link for Windows - 1.2.4
    Switching from a BlackBerry 10 device - User Guide - BlackBerry Passport Smartphone - 10.3
    And of course, SIM card wouldn't work. Sure hope someone can correct me on this.
    Thanks again.
    12-28-14 08:00 PM
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    You could try Backup Pro in BlackBerry World.

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    12-28-14 08:04 PM
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    Thanks I'll check that out. Went out on a limb and transferred back to my Q10 the ~30 SMS's I had on the new passport, worked just fine, took only a few seconds, and counted down just like the pictures, videos, etc, so must be a glitch on the high number or something. Realized although I'm not a large SMS user, I probably transferred from my last Torch the SMS's so probably a large number, and that could also be part of the glitch; some from BB7, etc Who knows, but either way, this particular method of SMS transfer still needs work for an admitted data hoarder like myself. I'll keep trying things and reporting back. Surprised I'm the only one or at least one of the few experiencing this. Thanks again for the suggestions.
    AND please keep them coming.
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    12-28-14 08:48 PM
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    So after transferring the latest sms's back to my Q10 I successfully backed up the Q and installed the backup onto the passport, after also upgrading to 10.3.1. SMS messages were all there, but still a workaround. Thanks again for the help.

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    12-29-14 05:47 PM
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    Hi - I'm getting the exact same thing. Going from a Z30 to a Passport, both running 10.3.1. Got just over 5400 texts on the Z30, I've transferred contacts, documents etc just fine using device switch. But when I try to transfer SMS the old device states its processing / processed them all and the transfer appears to start. But both devices just have the spinning wheel and nothing actually gets transferred.

    Anyone know of a free way around this? I'd already done a full backup and used the switch device option in Blackberry Link to go from the Z30 to the Passport but no SMS's were copied.

    Thanks in advance.
    04-27-15 05:41 PM
  8. anamar_97's Avatar
    Doing the samething moving from Z10 to the Passport. I had 4500 text messages. I whittled out some text messages I didn't want on the z10 and now the 3800 odd text messages are tranfering just fine!
    05-01-15 04:59 PM
  9. mad_mdx's Avatar
    It's a weird bug.. Try deleting some messages. There's usually a 'corrupt' text somewhere blocking the transfer process !
    It happened to me for contacts lol
    05-01-15 05:38 PM

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