1. drfever's Avatar
    I just sent an email to support for an app.

    The email body automatically identified the device info.

    App name: Sportsnet
    App Version:
    OS Version: 10.2.1
    Device Model: Z30
    Country: Canada
    Language: English

    BUT it had originally identified the country as United States which was wrong as I live in Canada. I manually changed it to Canada. Show I be concerned? Does that affect my device in any way?

    Just asking.


    Posted from my Z30 on CB10
    10-08-14 07:00 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    It has next to no bearing. The majority of device identification is done through your SIM card. One reason it could be showing that is if you bought the device from what is / was originally a U.S. sales point, in which case some portions of the device will be hard coded with U.S. identifiers but again, mostly everything that relies on it uses the SIM country.
    10-08-14 07:10 PM
  3. drfever's Avatar
    Thanks Blaze. All was bought in Canada at a Telus Store but If you say it has no bearing then that's all I need to know. Thanks for replying.

    Posted from my Z30 on CB10
    10-08-14 07:32 PM

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