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    I just had this cool idea. Now I am no programmer, but there are extensions within Opera and Firefox desktop to run Chrome extensions (meaning that the runtime/code must not be IP, or impossible to get at). Only on desktop mind, not on a single android browser.

    Chrome for desktop is basically an app store. They have tinder, WhatsApp and loads more.

    The biggest issue for BB10 going forward is a) web standards changing b) lack of support for BB apps c) the aging android 4.3 runtime.

    A browser will full desktop chrome extension capability, and a UI focus on those extensions could really help fill that need.

    A programmer could allow 2 extensions for free, and have a paid version for the rest. IDK, how many holdout BB10 users are out there, or how long it would take to make (or how well it would run on bb10), but given this would be THE most powerful app in blackberry world, and at some point basically an essential piece of software, there might be the opportunity for profit.

    People if it was well implemented, would definitely pay. In fact it might literally be the only thing that keeps their device modern/compatible, app and web wise.

    Just an interesting little thought :P
    04-03-17 02:14 AM

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