1. conkybubs's Avatar
    Any news or rumours when/if this is coming? I think this would be AWESOMENESS...it's a pain having a bbm conversation on my device while trying to work at my computer. This would be a huge differentiator for BBM I would think.

    Posted via Z30 on CB10.
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    06-13-14 09:05 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    It would make things very convenient!
    06-13-14 09:38 AM
  3. BadGoliath42's Avatar
    Search about BlackBerry Blend. All rumors point to a portal to access your BlackBerry through a desktop browser, including IM like BBM or SMS.

    Posted via CB10 on my Z30STA100-5/
    06-13-14 09:41 AM
  4. Gabbello's Avatar
    It would be great, Viber has it even for linux. But again BlackBerry can't even have BlackBerry link for linux.

    Posted via CB10
    06-13-14 10:12 AM
  5. tinochiko's Avatar
    Like this?
    Desktop BBM?-1401742739338.jpg

    Check Out TechCraze
    06-13-14 10:25 AM

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