1. Graheem's Avatar
    I'm not sure how many OS 10 versions 'Default Account's goes back but I am so glad this option is here now but...as of 10.3.1.xxx there is still no default for contacts, as there is for calendar and email. It boggles my mind that the default is set to add new to contact to all mail accounts! This creates a mess! I am used to it, and can clean it up but I shouldn't have to. I should be able to set the main default (Exchange, Gmail whatever). If nothing else the contacts app should default to a prompt asking which account, or accounts I want to ad to.
    10-07-14 11:51 AM
  2. taveesh's Avatar
    Yeah man...and when it syncs I have at least 3 copies of the same contact. It's a mess man...they should provide an option to which account to sync contacts to.

    Posted via CB10 Z30 OS
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    10-07-14 12:23 PM

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