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    I and many others on this site (see threads on Hotmail) are having issues with Exchange ActiveSync and Hotmail on our BlackBerry OS10 phones. The problem began for many users in September which coincided with Microsoft upgrading to the Exchange ActiveSync 2013 version. Some users are not getting any email, while others can no longer sync "forever" and are limited to 30 days (which is happening to me and is really unfortunate since it is a Exchange ActiveSync system). I have created posts on the Exchange ActiveSync tech forum about this matter but no one has responded. I also posted on the Microsoft Community boards, but I am finding that the moderators are not knowledgable about the ins and outs of Exchange ActiveSync and will not answer direct questions about it. My problem was escalated to a support person, but all they did was refresh my account which did not help the situation. They keep suggesting routine fixes like uninstalling and reinstalling the account, but I believe the problem is more complex than these standard methods. In addition, they keep saying it is a problem with the BlackBerry phones, yet other users are having the same problem on non-BlackBerry devices.

    Upon further searching online, I came across some posts on Android Central where users were having similar problems with Hotmail a year ago after an OS update. A solution that seemed to work was to go into Settings--Data Usage--Menu and check the "Auto Sync Data" option. Upon re-creating your Hotmail account, a prompt appears to activate a "Device Administrator" which seems to solve the syncing issue. This solution was posted prior to the update to Exchange ActiveSync, so I am not even sure what the problem actually is.

    I have a few questions I was really hoping someone could answer:

    1. Has something changed with Exchange ActiveSync 2013 that is not compatible with settings in BB OS10?
    2. Are there similar settings in OS10 to try this solution?

    11-06-13 11:50 AM
  2. stabstabdie's Avatar
    1. dont know, i use imap.
    2. no there are not.
    11-06-13 01:01 PM

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