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    After I leave from a WiFi connection my data seems to no longer work (the BB icon even disappears). I have to toggle my mobile network and it then it kicks in but still very annoying. This happens with a Q10, Z10 and Passport. I thought it was where I live (south east asia) but android/iphones don't have this problem. Seems to be a unique issue with BB10. Anyone else have this problem?
    05-30-16 01:12 PM
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    What OS are these devices on?
    05-30-16 11:16 PM
  3. DamianWarS's Avatar
    Currently or the most recent update. Not sure if each phone is the exact same build but they are all updated to the most recent. This problem has been this way since the Q10/Z10 were bought back in 2013. It has never gone away or changed in behaviour.

    It doesn't happen all the time but I have gotten used to toggling my mobile network when I leave my home's WiFi area to get the data to kick it. If I forget I get back home and connect into WiFi and all of a sudden I get a bunch of messages. I travel a lot and I haven't actually noticed if the same thing happens in other countries. It's one of those things that you only remember when it happens and I've kinda just ignored it thinking it was a in-country issue that I can't fix (indonesia). I have an upcoming trip for about a week (still in SE Asia) and it will be a good test with a different network.

    I have a feeling it is both an indonesia and a device problem. But I know my iphone/android buddies don't have that issue. Sadly I don't know anyone with a bb10 device to ask them. If Indonesia is a strong hold for BB it's for legacies not for bb10.
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    05-31-16 05:16 AM
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    Double post
    05-31-16 05:19 AM

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