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    After going through comments on the blogs regarding the data plan changes for AT&T, I read someone talking about how BB compresses data and therefore less data is used compared to other platforms like Apple's iOS and Android. Now most of us are aware of this but it got me thinking about how things are changing with the PlayBook and not relying so much on the NOC, but moving toward Activesync. (Some explanations of how this will work were already covered by our good Crackberry bloggers) But of course there is no data compression on the PlayBook and so far other than Appworld purchases and the original registration process when first firing up the PlayBook and setting up BBID, as well as updates when rolled out, it really doesn't go through the RIM servers for data access just direct ISP is used. So my point of interest here and question for everyone is this: Will we loose the advantage of data compression on the new BB10 line of smartphones?
    01-19-12 11:11 PM
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    I hope not. That's one of the features I love about my BB right now.

    I rarely go over my 200mb limit.
    01-20-12 12:49 AM
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    i have a one gig limit and before when i was living in Vancouver i had a 500mb limit. right now i use about 33mb a month, but I'm also in an area where they are still stuck on EDVO so no ones uses their data anyway. but when i was on my 500mb i NEVER once went over in the 3 yrs i was using my 9000, and that is consent everyday using.
    01-20-12 02:51 AM
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    What looks like is going to be happening with Cellular enabled BB10 devices is that ActiveSync will be used for email, and it will be tunneled through the BIS/BES servers which will result in the encryption levels, and compression levels to be applied to that data as was done in the past.

    So we will still continue to see out approximately 4:1 compression on none media based data transfer.

    AND I suspect we'll still see the Auto resizing of files for sending with options to request the higher resolution file
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    01-20-12 01:40 PM