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    Hi my BlackBerry Alpha C used to have dark background almost everywhere, even the general settings list would have black background. However I just got a new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and everything has white background and I can't find the option to give everything a dark background. Help!

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    04-10-16 06:51 PM
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    The Alpha C/Q10/Z30 have AMOLED screens, hence the black theme. The rest of BlackBerrys (including the Passport) have LCD units.

    You can set black themes for certain applications (contacts, calendar, BBM, text messages) but there's no global setting for that.

    You can easily go on Wiki and read about the screen technology if you want to know more. But on topic, that's why your new device does not have the same implementation as the Dev Alpha C.

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    04-11-16 08:14 AM

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