1. lilminx's Avatar

    I have a Z10 shipping to me by next week and I have a question about the OS, and more specifically about ringtones.

    As with all previous OS versions, I was able to use any .mp3 file as a ringtone.
    I typically splice a portion of my favorite song using an mp3 splitter and add the file to the SD card in the phone and set my ringtone for all profiles to that .mp3 file.

    With OS 10 being so different than any other OS previously, I wanted to know if I'd still be able to use any mp3 file as my ringtone.

    I don't know if many people do this as most people I know typically use the ringtones that come with the OS version, but I like to use songs I like instead.

    My Z10 will be coming some time next week so I guess I'll find out if I can do it when I unbox it, but I thought I'd post the question here to see if anyone a) knows what I'm talking about and b) knows if it's possible in OS 10.

    Thanks much!!
    03-15-13 08:31 PM
  2. Lalabum's Avatar
    Yes it is possible to use music from a sd card as a ringtone. Happy Z10ing :-)
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    03-15-13 08:37 PM
  3. ast_ph's Avatar
    yes, just copy them to music folder, I made a subfolder 'ringtones'. I like the old BBM alert tone, so I copied it into my micro-sd card.

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    03-15-13 08:39 PM
  4. lilminx's Avatar
    Excellent thanks @ast_ph !!
    03-15-13 08:47 PM
  5. IllmasterMathematics's Avatar
    It has to be on the SD card? Can't be on internal memory?
    03-15-13 08:49 PM
  6. lilminx's Avatar
    In previous OS versions, when I connect my device via USB to my laptop, I can drag/drop the file in to the Ringtones folder in either the Device or the SD card (or both).
    03-15-13 08:52 PM
  7. ast_ph's Avatar
    from my testing, I only see the sd card on my Mac's desktop, so I guess we don't have access to the internal memory, not sure about that though.
    03-15-13 09:32 PM
  8. habs_fan's Avatar
    It can be on the internal memory or the SD card. I keep my ring tones on my internal and everything else on the SD

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-13 10:54 PM
  9. ast_ph's Avatar
    How do we copy files to the internal memory?

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-13 11:26 PM
  10. habs_fan's Avatar
    For me at least, when I'm connected via wifi or through a usb cord I can see both the internal and SD card

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-13 11:28 PM
  11. Jonathank's Avatar

    I don't know if many people do this as most people I know typically use the ringtones that come with the OS version, but I like to use songs I like instead.
    I like to use Instrumentals as Ringtones
    03-15-13 11:32 PM
  12. ast_ph's Avatar
    Logging in to Bb Link did it for me, thanks!!

    Posted via CB10
    03-17-13 01:00 AM

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