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    I have a custom contact with a specific ring tone. When I set this contacts ring tone to something different, it changes this contacts ring tone, regardless of the profile. If I change my profile to vibrate, this contact will still ring loudly instead of vibrating. How do I make this contact vibrate while my profile is set to vibrate, or silent when set to silent, and still ring the custom ring when I have it on Normal profile?

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    07-14-15 04:14 PM
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    edit: sorry wrong info

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    07-14-15 04:22 PM
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    Custom Contact Notification-img_20150715_003711_edit.png

    As you can see in the screen shot above, there is this option "On" in the Sound settings which overrides the Profile Sound Settings. Change it to "Profile Settings".
    I think this might have caused the problem for You.

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    07-14-15 04:40 PM
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    Thank you so much! I didn't read the BlackBerry menus like that. I interpreted it differently. Now that I see it, it makes perfect sense! I'm a dummy!!

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    07-14-15 05:14 PM

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