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    Issues that blackberry needs to fix

    So i have a z10 running leak 10.3. There are issues or ideas that I really hope BB brings in the upcoming update which is 10.3.1 I know its too late so lets hope its 10.4 ?? maybe?

    1. The time when the phone has been ended. it takes too long to get back to the home screen after finishing a call.

    2. When unlocking, again takes too long to show pic password or the password keyboard.

    3. The flashlight, Iím using it now over lets say 5 minutes, and thats the time my device locks, now i have to unlock to turn flashlight off. I know this is probably security feature, but make it an option at least from the home screen

    4. Lock screen to get to camera is too slow!!

    5. Lock screen is boring!!! blackberry should add more interactivity. for example, go straight to an app, instagram, whatsapp, BBM, PinterestÖ you pick these apps. I think this will be a strong feature, it also improve productivity.

    6. Hard drive space, even though I have an SD card, my device space is full because of some apps, so therefore I have a limited number of apps I can have because I canít have apps on SD.
    7. Finally, am I the only that think the amazon App Store is a joke?! I mean yes there are some good apps and stuff, but seriously many apps are just childish and also not many apps are available as much as google play store, I know there is snap. and I love it but its time to get native apps. Its over 3 years, BlackBerry has shown it self worthy ( even if its focus is in the corporate/business) but its enough, and its time to get native apps and clean out BB world of the crappish apps.

    I have many friends and family that have blackberry now for a little over a year and all ready to switch to iPhone or Android because of the apps.

    I hope you guys agree with a thing or two but lets hear it form you, what features would you like, or what should BB fix, or what apps do you guys really want native (other that snapchat/ insta)
    12-07-14 08:18 AM
  2. alaviss's Avatar
    Please not that you're using a leaked OS that's not supposed to be on your device. Issues are expected. Please wait until official release before start complaining

    12-08-14 07:50 AM
  3. camposwaldo2's Avatar
    Please note that, the issues I posted were mainly from 10.2.1 and not fixed or polished in 10.3
    12-08-14 02:21 PM

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