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    Loving my new Z30 but it would be nice to have a "�" (or relevant currency) key more available for those of us that live elsewhere in the world. It is after all a business phone??

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    11-21-13 02:54 AM
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    The garbage after in my previous post should have been a UK pound sign. Sort of proves my point that there is a problem.

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    11-21-13 02:59 AM
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    The visible HTML formatting is the fault of CrackBerry, not BlackBerry.

    I have a Q10, but I agree. Send an email off to ideamailbox@blackberry.com and tell BlackBerry this. They might just listen to you and change it depending on your locale.

    In the meantime, you can do this quick fix:
    Open Settings->Language and Input->Prediction and Correction->Word Substitutions and add the following definitions:
    $ to GBP
    and GBP to $
    (Replace GBP with the pound sign.)

    Now when you type a $ followed by a space, it will be replaced with a GBP symbol and vice-versa. You just have to backspace the space you don't need afterwards.

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    11-21-13 03:29 AM

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