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    how much will the blackberry ten cost and will it come with a nice camera and when will it be relased thanks in advance

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    06-13-12 05:30 PM
  2. DJM626's Avatar
    None of the prices and or features of BB 10 have been announced. Most of us are just waiting it out. I'm confident it will be good, but very little has been disclosed about it at this point in time. RIM either wants to surprise everyone about it as it gets closer to release date, or else they hit a dead stand still with further developing it. I certainly hope this isn't the case, but it seems there is more talk about the new iphone that will be coming out sometime in October, or so it is believed. I actually think the iphone will hit the market long before the BB 10 arrives. We were told the BB 10 would be out later in the year, so it is being speculated that a Sept- Oct release could be possible, but even that is not set in stone. The new camera is supposed to be one of it's best features from what has been shown and talked about, but as far as everything else is concerned, only time will tell
    06-13-12 06:32 PM
  3. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    This is a tough question. For starters, nobody knows the answer to your question. But, if we are going to make guesses, it's still a tough question.

    BB10 could come out of the gates cheap ($149.99 for the base model) but would then be thought of as a cheap phone and it would also be hard for them to raise the price down the line (a problem they have now, if they lower the BB7 price, people will expect BB10 to be cheaper too).

    Or, BB10 could come out at $249.99 and risk being compared to the iPhone but being more expensive and having less apps (sad, but that's how many people think).

    I personally think they should come out with a 32gb onboard storage base model for $199.99. Compete with the iPhone price, but have more storage space and show the world the advantage of BB10 over the iPhone.
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    06-15-12 11:23 AM
  4. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    first BB10 phone will be the flagship. Can't be cheap.
    Must at least compare to iPhone Galaxy 3S or 9900 price range.
    Then, there might (should) be some carriers (RIM aided ?) incentive @ launch, but the catalog price HAVE to be high.
    06-18-12 03:02 AM
  5. Adhamalghamdi's Avatar
    There is noting official from RIM about the prices but I think it will be like iphone or Galaxy S III prices (I mean in that range) ..
    06-19-12 12:30 PM
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    It will cost 10,000 of your finest pigs, a pack of toothpicks, a brand new yo-yo and a lock of your wifes hair......or a really expensive pack of gum, $800 gum to be exact ;-)
    06-19-12 02:45 PM