03-15-15 03:21 PM
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  1. danielrivers's Avatar
    For me one thing which annoys me loads is the currency button on my Q10 always types $ even though all my settings are UK, help says it output I'd dependent on the region settings, clearly it's not

    07-31-14 02:21 AM
  2. klarakos's Avatar
    Would be nice if a utility like Power Tools was not required and that features like Notification Colors, GeoFencing, Notification on a condition (dial, wi-fi....) were built in to the OS.
    07-31-14 10:43 AM
  3. Minhaaj Rehman's Avatar
    Someone mentioned in another thread what JC is doing wrong and I agree that discarding inherent services is really a terrible idea. How hard is it to have own web based calender and contact management service like Google these days? This whole idea of restoring to android is the punishment for years of uncreative chaos at BlackBerry. That might be in pipeline as I speak and chen might be using Android as a facade to gain some time and money before he unleash his brain children to devour iOS and android. For now please get some BlackBerry only communication suite that integrates well with the others, not the runtime way though.

    Posted via CB10
    08-01-14 12:39 PM
  4. epee's Avatar
    wow, have to give you a thumb up op.
    08-02-14 01:10 AM
  5. bbemd0023's Avatar
    Posted on CB10 via Z10
    08-17-14 06:34 AM
  6. t3q's Avatar
    Indeed the issue with the contacts is priority number 1! This is one of the remarks from people I know using bb10.

    Also better calendar with working active frame > need!

    And offline maps to compete against lumia/nokia maps.

    Posted via CB10
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    08-17-14 06:49 AM
  7. presean's Avatar
    Nice job guys, I hope BlackBerry will read this defo

    Posted from my flawless BlackBerry Z30
    08-17-14 07:03 AM
  8. Batibreaker's Avatar
    Hello, I would add (for Z10):

    - No way to assign a ringtone for a group of contacts.
    - No way to block calls/sms from specific numbers or hidden numbers (Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan does that nativelly in a VERY good way)

    Music Player:
    - No equalizer

    - No way to suppress animations (In android in developer mode you can suppress animations thus making the pone faster and saving battery life)

    - When making a close up the Auto Focus "decides" to set the adjustment just a little affter the good focus is made, vey annoying.

    - No way so silence the keypad whend dialing a number unless you set off all notifications.

    01-06-15 02:21 AM
  9. wg7's Avatar
    These are my suggestions for contacts fix:

    Problems with contacts:
    1. Linking system is insane chaos. Automatic linking fails and manual linking is too cumbersome.
    2. Z10 contact is not the main contact.
    3. Linking results in multiple duplicates.
    4. Fields don't propagate across linked contacts
    5. Birthday fields often corrupt.
    6. Birthday fields not linked to calendar with a reminder.
    7. Personal contacts automatically copied to work when using Balance/BES.
    8. No way to properly merge contact sets.
    9. No way to properly merge contact fields.
    10. No way to automatically find and merge duplicate contacts that might have slightly different fields.
    11. Contacts search function does not search within notes

    Solution to contacts problems:
    * Expect that the BB10 contact will be one single file that contains the most complete data possible, not a group of linked contacts

    *Assume we want BB10 contacts to be considered the source of truth and that all field level updates will flow into or out of the BB10 contact

    * The linking system has got to go. It automatically tries to add links for new contacts.

    * We need screens to control both 1. *Contact Sets such as BB10, LinkedIn, Yahoo, or PC and *2. *a screen to help with field level updates. *The field level updates control how contact data flows into and out of a particular contact. **3. A screen to merge and dedup existing that intelligently suggests duplicates or like contacts.

    * However, will need feeds from other sources that are either 1 or 2 way sync for updates. For example, your Gmail account is 2 way syncing. You can add, delete, or modify contacts in both sets. However, your linkedin contacts will be 1 way syncing. Ex. you cannot modify your linkedin friends' information, only your own.

    * changes will propagate out and in based on a hierarchy, or user defined

    * merge is used for 2 way contact sets such as Google, however link available but only to allow contact updates to flow through from a unidirectional contact set such as LinkedIn*

    * good backup and restore for contacts so can back up to PC without using work around such as creating a cloud based Outlook account

    Posted via CB10
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    01-06-15 03:10 PM
  10. BBPandy's Avatar
    "Play on" feature to be utilised by 3rd party apps.

    Differentiate or Die
    I would LOVE to see this work with Android Apps. Aka my Netflix....Maybe with 10.4?....

    Posted via CB10
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    01-06-15 04:29 PM
  11. mithrazor's Avatar
    Group SMS on T-Mobile. Currently it will send out to each individual person instead of in the group.

    Posted via CB10
    01-06-15 06:26 PM
  12. RyanGermann's Avatar
    1. After entering password you also need to hit return. This is unnecessary.
    no, this would weaken security: you want the person typing the password to know how it starts and ends and the device shouldn't anticipate it. iOS with simple password off also demands you press the 'submit' button.
    01-06-15 07:18 PM
  13. wg7's Avatar
    Also support for email aliases.

    Posted via CB10
    01-07-15 01:43 AM
  14. creacrea's Avatar
    Hey, Does anyone expect problems with camcorder? it just film normaly and then lag for a second or 2, then film normaly, then again. i have it after update to 10.3.1 official 4 days ago. using q10 sqn 100-3.
    Also, sometimes stop receiving emails, i have to restart once, then i can receive it.
    Keyboard - in Q10 is phisicaly kb, but anyway, it dubble type so many times.
    In generaly 10.3.1 is slower on q10, on z 10 looks better and no issues with camcorder.
    Also, if blackberry read this, ad shortcuts to music player like in os7 devices (n-next, long pres volume change track and etc.)
    yes, and in kamera app - white balance was better in 10.2
    02-22-15 08:24 AM
  15. Guignards's Avatar
    There is a n equalizer in the music player now guys!!
    Core Issues/Flaws which need to be fixed on 10.3/10.3.1-img_20150308_142151.png

    Posted via CB10
    03-08-15 01:22 PM
  16. StefanDriver's Avatar
    Not impressed by the EQ. The "OFF" setting seems to have too much bass and none of the other preset modes are flat. There is no manual control.

    Q10 fido
    03-13-15 11:11 PM
  17. Guignards's Avatar
    Not impressed by the EQ. The "OFF" setting seems to have too much bass and none of the other preset modes are flat. There is no manual control.

    Q10 fido
    This is true.

    Q10 for the win.
    03-15-15 02:23 PM
  18. breakfasteatre's Avatar
    since ive upgraded, when i start my car and i select bluetooth on my stereo, music no longer automatically starts playing. I can no longer control the phone using the stereo either (ie change song). Calls come in fine, and if you manually start the music on the phone it plays, but it defeats the purpose of being hands free
    03-15-15 03:21 PM
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