1. crackjeffrey's Avatar
    I've dug around the Web looking for an answer to this and only came upon the topic once, without any details.
    It has to do with specifically how active frames are running and their impact on battery life.

    There are piles of threads on battery drain but I've narrowed my issue down to the native browser on my z30.
    I just got a great deal on a z30, so I have only been playing with it a few days. Monday was my first full day after a full overnight charge and I thought it was pretty decent.
    By night time I was sitting with 31 percent battery and that was after a day of moderate to heavy use. I was pleased.
    Curious as to just how long it would go, I left it unplugged overnight, in bedside mode.
    When I woke up, I found the battery had tanked nearly as fast as during the day. Btw I'm really like the built in device monitor.
    So there I was with 2% remaining.
    I like active frames...allot. And I love the fact that the top 4 kinda stay pinned. I had weather top left and browser top right. I think the best varied as the day went on.
    So yesterday I had device monitor going quite often and found that my browser used more juice than my display. I deliberately left the thing on a table for a while to try to simulate my issue, so the display use dropped.
    The active browser frame must be on Crack! It's battery impact climbed like a scared cat.

    Is there a setting somewhere that would allow me to reduce how active the browser is? I've already checked the ' run in background ' stuff. I'm aware there is the run when minimized but the browser doesn't even show up on that list.

    Wow really got carried away there. Could have been a children'a book. Lol

    Thanks in advance.

    04-22-15 07:00 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Hi there, has your Z30 been updated to the latest released firmware from your carrier?
    04-23-15 01:34 PM
  3. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    Whatever animation and data updating is happening on all the frames you have open in your browser may continue when it is minimized. That can be a big power drain depending on what you have open. Could use a lot of data too.

    Z10STL100-3/ SR
    04-23-15 03:33 PM
  4. crackjeffrey's Avatar
    To be honest I'm not sure how firmware updates work. I assume you aren't referring to the software updates. I'm on software.
    I unlocked a Telus phone and am using it with Rogers. What would be the latest firmware and how can I check?
    04-24-15 05:50 AM

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