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    I upgraded to os using Sachesi on my iMac. I was stupid and did not back up on Link. The install went fine, and the phone was working okay. I had phone numbers for contacts, and then it seemed to fix them all and had the appropriate names and everything looked normal in the contacts folder and in text messages. Then, they disappeared. I went from a full phone book to 16 contacts and I don't know why. I checked the settings and tried to import them all and it didn't change anything. I've tried several hard reboots and battery pulls. It seems odd that I had them and then they disappeared. I used the Canadian Rogers update to get 10.2. Any ideas?

    03-13-14 12:19 AM
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    Hello David and welcome to CrackBerry!
    Do you have your contacts associated with an email account like Gmail? Have you ever backed them up in an app like ContactsX?
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    03-13-14 05:52 AM
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    That's why I waited for Bell to roll out the 2141 update as an "over-the-air" update which didn't lose anything.

    I looked at Sachesi but it seemed a little "challenging" to me. However, all the stuff I read about the Sachesi process is that it was "non-destructive". Sooo... the fact that your contact info was there "at first" and then it wasn't, suggests to me that perhaps one of your accounts didn't migrate thru the Sachesi process... and shortly after the phone rebooted, it sync'd with its accounts and dropped some data. Perhaps check your email accounts and see if they're all still on your device.

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    03-13-14 09:50 AM
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    I had an old 9900 with all of my contacts on it, so I went in and did a device switch with my sd card. It seemed to work.
    03-15-14 10:36 AM

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