1. Tim Heard's Avatar
    I feel like I have seen this discussed, but I have looked through a page of topics with "contacts" in the subject line, and I don't see it.
    I had a contact set up for one of my kids with an alias name created, just in case some database were to download my data. (This dates back to before I had a Blackberry.)
    I just noticed today that my call log shows a record of having called her number, of has disconnected the number from her name. Similarly, I can see her name in the record of text conversations, but no number associated with her name.
    I had to manually go in and restore the contact info.
    My concern is that I have a LOT of contacts loaded onto my phone. ... Most of them are people I don[t interact with on a regular basis. .. If there's a known problem with contact information being lost, and a known solution, I'd like to address it now, before I lose important business contact information.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
    12-17-14 10:09 AM
  2. nah.uhh's Avatar
    I didn't notice this til 10.3.1 but moodyk obverved the same on 10.2.1

    I use contacts imex or the device switch app to create incremental backups of my contacts now.
    Luckily I had a few vcf backups from contactsimex to restore from when I noticed.

    Contacts went from 741 to 699

    12-17-14 10:43 AM

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