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    When ever I load a leak I am always having to relink the same contacts after the phone has loaded my contacts. Is there any way to force my Z30 to backup all my contacts to my Gmail account so that the next time I reload an OS I don't have to relink everything again?

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    06-12-14 01:52 PM
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    Top ten tips and tricks for managing your BlackBerry 10 contacts | CrackBerry.com

    The above link shows you how to copy contacts from one account to another in BB10


    If you have a lot of contacts and are using a program (MS Outlook for one) that allows you to export them, you could import them into Google via the web interface.

    I've did the same using outlook.com which I like more that Google, but most of the online email apps will do this.
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    Thanks I will try that.

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    06-12-14 02:35 PM

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