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    Hello all!

    I've had my Q10 for a while now, with an Arabic/English keyboard and language support, starting with version 10.0. Ever since a software update from 10.0 to 10.1 (or maybe 10.2, I really don't remember anymore, sorry) the Contacts App no longer sorts my Arabic contacts by letter. All my contacts are in one massive list, incorrectly categorized under two number signs ( ## ).

    When I add contacts in English, there is no problem. The English letter categories are displayed and sorted accordingly. So, something must have happened between the software updates which broke Arabic language Contacts support. While looking for a solution on the web several months ago when I first encountered this, I stumbled across another forum where someone else was complaining about the same exact problem with Cyrillic letters. Unforunately, I can't find the post anymore to link here for your reference. No solution was posted there.

    So if anyone else is having this problem or knows of a fix, I'd reaaaally appreciate it.

    P.S. I recently did a clean SIC Wipe, without restoring backups, to the leaked OS, which is awesome!!! But alas, the problem is still there.
    09-30-14 05:33 AM
  2. ttz's Avatar
    For what it's worth, I just tried and it's exactly as you say. The heading for the search result is '##' and it shows all Arabic (none of the English script) contacts below. Q10 "-3" OS (release 3023). Probably a software bug.
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    09-30-14 05:52 AM
  3. R3d13's Avatar
    It's strange that this problem got introduced with the software updates and hasn't been resolved even in 10.3. 10.0 didn't have this issue! Thanks for testing that out, ttz.
    09-30-14 05:56 AM
  4. R3d13's Avatar
    Would someone please verify this on the latest leaked 10.3.1 OS?

    It sucks that this hasn't been fixed after several major OS updates :/
    10-30-14 06:36 AM

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