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    Not wanting to create another negative thread about 10.2, but the contacts app is still shockingly bad.

    We now have all this pretty stuff in 10.2, toast notifications, headless apps appearing, dark themes for apps; but it appears no time has been devoted to making my business phone function fully for my business.

    The contacts app is causing me headaches. Does anyone have any idea of the logic behind how BlackBerry decide to link contacts??

    I have entered several clients recently. When I come to make contact with them I type a name and nothing, the client is gone.

    After a bit more digging around in the app I spot I still have some local contacts. I check these and they are the contacts I entered most recently but they have been linked to people already in my phone. Which is why I couldn't find them the first time. Edited these and corrected the names and now they are all linked correctly, or as the case should be, not linked.

    How does the app choose to link contacts? I get it that my sisters number gets linked to her facebook automatically, of a fashion anyway. Only of she is stored in my phone with the same name as she uses on facebook. Now I have to use my sisters full name. Same for other family members.

    Enough of all the pretty stuff and focus on function!! Never had this issue with BBOS.

    From my Q5
    11-01-13 08:33 AM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Yes there are a number of bugs in 10.2 when it comes to contacts and messaging. Most seems to appear when old databases are merged (OTA Update) or restored (leak or clean install).

    Try doing a clean install and don't do a restore, this seems to be the "best" option.
    11-01-13 09:04 AM

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