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    Hardware: Z10

    Link OS: latest release for Vista

    Problem: Link and the Z10 are having communication issues.

    FROM THE Z10: File Manager takes a long time, up to 5-7 seconds to load the default start directory - Device. Once loaded, Dropbox works, as does Media Card.

    OTOH File Manager hangs when switching to My-PC and finally gives up after 14 seconds or so. But it *does* recognize when My-PC is online or offline.

    FROM THE PC: Link says that the Z10 is not connected via WiFi. Windows Explorer cannot open the device and media-card directories on the phone via Link and WiFi.

    I tried restarting Link, the phone, and the PC multiple times. Also disassociated the phone from Link and reestablished the connection. USB connection works, the problem is only with the WiFi connection. Note that, outside of this issue, WiFi works normally.

    Has anyone seen this sort of behaviour? Any suggestions? The fact that the Z10 File Manager is slow to start, and recognizes when My-PC is online or offline but cannot connect, makes me think that the problem is in the phone.

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted via CB10
    04-16-16 10:35 AM

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