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    Hello BB users, abusers and addicts,

    Having just returned home from a trip to Malta, I experienced a weird problem abroad.

    Problem No 1
    Even though I had roaming enabled on my Q10, I suddenly (the first or second day into the trip) could no longer connect to the BlackBerry services (BlackBerry Travel, BBM) and did no longer get the 'four BB dots' in the upper right corner of my screen.

    Browsing, WhatsApp, etc worked fine.
    Data services while roaming are obviously set to 'on'.

    This is especially odd since it worked over WiFi and had worked previously (on my old Z10, which was stolen from me, and on this very Q10 as well).

    I encountered this problem on a Maltese carrier as well as a German carrier on Frankfurt airport.

    Side-note: my girlfriend has the same problem with her domestic carrier (a different one) as well, even when her phones uses domestic roaming (which her carrier requires).

    I am running BB10 and have not made any changes to this, a hard reset did not help (even though it helped with a battery draining BBM over WiFi).

    Not having BBM and BB Travel on the go when abroad is quite a problem for me.

    Does anyone have similar troubles and - hopefully - a solution to this?

    Problem No 2
    I am using office365 (basically hosted exchange from Microsoft) for my e-mails, calendars and contacts. It works pretty neat, only my contact's birthdays are set one day early - but only on the BB. On my Mac, iPad and in the cloud they are set and displayed correctly.
    Even Microsoft could not give me a solution to this (I have had this problem since my first BB10 device) - I hope the users of this forum can
    08-23-14 01:08 PM
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    Can't help with problem #1, but I also ran into problem #2 and was severely vexed by it until I realized it was a feature of the software. I don't have Office365, but all my Facebook birthdays pop up a day early. If you go to Settings, Accounts, Facebook and scroll to the very bottom, there is an option to set when you want to be reminded about upcoming birthdays.
    Possibly in the account settings for 365 there would be a similar option?
    Connection to BlackBerry Services while roaming (not over WiFi)-img_20140824_205724.png

    Posted via CB10
    08-24-14 07:58 PM

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